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Disposable tableware saves ten hidden worries

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 Yesterday, the reporter learned from the China Disposable Tableware Industry Conference and Quality Safety Forum that the top ten problems in the disposable tableware industry selected by the International Food Packaging Association were released, and the production enterprises illegally used toxic and harmful raw materials and recovered difficulties. List.
 A few days ago, this newspaper reported that the issue of disposable foam plastic lunch boxes was a waste of 10 years, and in this environment, some domestic production companies, including Beijing, used waste to produce one-time meals. With. Yesterday, at the China Disposable Tableware Industry Conference and Quality Safety Forum, Dong Jinshi, Vice President and Secretary General of the International Food Packaging Association, said that in 2010, the State Food and Drug Administration had jointly issued other departments, The notice of special rectification of plastic lunch boxes regulates the market order, urges enterprises to enhance food safety awareness, implements the main responsibility of food safety, and guarantees the public's dietary safety. However, the phenomenon of illegal production of disposable tableware enterprises is still grim.

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