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5 kinds of lunches are more harmful

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 Untimely work, endless work overtime, so that most white-collar workers pay attention to their diet health, especially for lunch, eating is even more unreasonable, or to save money for take-away, or three or five people to go to the restaurant for a long time, there are many women Fruits, snacks, and lunch... The unreasonable long-term dietary nutrition structure leads to a decline in physical fitness. So, how can white-collar lunch be both nutritious and healthy?
 Below, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the five white-collar lunch methods, and propose corresponding solutions. Foreign fast food: high energy and low nutrition
 Western fast food is delicious and hygienic, so it is favored by many young white-collar workers. However, its energy is extremely high. Studies have shown that the energy of a foreign fast food is almost equal to the lower limit of the body's daily energy consumption. In order to make food delicious, foreign fast foods tend to use more salt, saccharin, and MSG. Long-term consumption will cause vitamin B1 deficiency, and it will induce chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.
 Countermeasure: In order to control energy intake, try not to order high-speed foreign fast food, pay attention to the choice of food. Take the Big Mac package as an example. A giant 570 kilocalories, 220 kilocalories of French fries, 150 kcal of cola, and a meal, the energy is nearly 940 kcal. It is best to use a single point, while using the Big Mac, drink low-energy drinks, or pair with lettuce salad to supplement the lack of nutrition.
 Chinese fast food: unhygienic, unhealthy
 Chinese-style fast food saves money, 5-10 yuan can solve the problem and save time. However, the health status of Chinese-style fast food is worrying. The dishes are often not fresh enough, the nutrients are insufficient, and the dishes are less changeable and easy to eat. Secondly, the salt and fat of the box rice are easy to exceed the standard, and the green leafy vegetables are insufficient. The main thing is that some fast food restaurants may use “ditch oil”, which is extremely bad for health.
 Countermeasure: Chinese-style fast food should be selected with a quality-guaranteed catering company or a restaurant with a meal permit to ensure that the food is fresh and safe. To order more greens, choose amaranth and try to order lighter dishes. Add some green leafy vegetables for dinner. The love "face" family in the box family can bring their own eggs, instant soy products and fresh radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. to supplement the nutritional intake.
 Bring your own: improper storage, food is prone to deterioration
 There is no doubt that the lunch that you have personally created does not have to worry about health problems, you can also mix all kinds of nutrients as you like, save the trouble of finding restaurants and long queues, and save time. However, there are many problems to be aware of when bringing your own lunch, such as preparing for the night before. Improper storage during hot weather can easily lead to food spoilage... It will be annoying for a long time.
 Countermeasure: Take the vegetables only 8 minutes cooked, avoid microwave heating nutrient loss. Be sure to pay attention to cooking methods. The cooking methods suitable for microwave heating are steaming, braising, stewing, etc. Be sure to choose a lunch box that is suitable for microwave heating. The heating is controlled for about 2 minutes. Rice is the best staple food. The main food of taro and large cakes is very easy to dry and should not be heated in a microwave oven.
 In short, white-collar lunches should be dominated by grains and combined with vegetarians. It is best to eat more vegetarian food, such as a large number of vegetables, with appropriate meat, eggs and fish, less oil, less salt, less sugar, but also always prepare fruit, eat at the right time.
 1, lunch should not be too full. Eat too much, blood is used to digest food, work efficiency will be reduced.
2, lunch should be timed. Regular lunch, which is beneficial to the normal function of gastrointestinal function.

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