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Mistakes in the use of the four refrigerators Are you "missing"?

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 Nowadays, many refrigerator manufacturers have launched "sterilization cards" to increase the research and development of sterilization technology. But no matter how advanced the technology, there is no way to hide the fact that many people only clean the refrigerator once or twice a year, and even the best refrigerators will inevitably stink.
 According to a report by the US Wall Street Journal, a survey by a well-known American appliance manufacturer Whirlpool revealed that one-third of Americans do not tidy up their refrigerators before going out to purchase food. Nearly one-third of them often install refrigerators. Too much "full".
 Here are the top four mistakes that should be made during the use of the refrigerator, as well as the three general rules that are best adhered to, and hope to help you understand the best way to use the refrigerator.
 Four major mistakes
 1. Place the milk and eggs on the bottle rack of the refrigerator door. Most refrigerator doors are designed to place eggs, but Sub Zero, a US premium freezer manufacturer, believes that this is the hottest part of the refrigerator and should not be put on easily broken food.
 2. Raw meat is placed on the top of the shelf. After the raw meat is opened, it is not used up, and it is wrapped in plastic wrap and put back. This is easy because the blood is not flowed out and the food in the lower layer of the refrigerator is contaminated. If it is dripped into the vegetables that are ready to eat, it will also cause food poisoning.
 3. Apples and other foods are put together. Apples will release ethylene, which can cause other surrounding fruits and vegetables to dry up and deteriorate. The apple should be sealed with a plastic bag or a crisper to extend the shelf life of other refrigerated foods in the refrigerator.
 4. The liquid is spilled on the shelf and does not dry. This will turn your refrigerator into a breeding ground for bacteria. In addition to keeping the shelf of the refrigerator dry, the leftover food should be sealed with plastic wrap or poured into a sealed container to prevent the food from drying out or outflowing.
 Three general rules
 1. Only foods that are not easily deteriorated are placed on the shelf of the refrigerator door. Salad dressing, ketchup, drinks, etc. can be placed on the shelf of the refrigerator door. It should be noted that the refrigerator compartment temperature is preferably controlled at 3 ° C to 5 ° C.
 2. The vegetables are sealed in plastic bags and placed in the fruit box (drawer). The fruit and vegetable box is the coldest part of the refrigerator and has enough humidity to keep the vegetables fresh. If you want to extend the shelf life of vegetables, it is best to wash and dry the dishes first, then put them in sealed containers or plastic bags.
 3. It is advisable to place the food in a "seven-point full" and clean it regularly. Once the refrigerator is full, it will seriously affect the air convection. Not only will the freezing effect be greatly reduced, but it will also cost more. Moreover, the more things, the more you may not see what is inside. In addition, it is a good habit to clean the refrigerator before going out to purchase food.

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