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Food Packaging Association: half of China's disposable lunch boxes are unqualified

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 According to a new survey released by the International Food Packaging Association in mid-March, China has consumed 15 billion disposable lunch boxes per year, but qualified lunch boxes account for less than 1/2, and “black heart lunch boxes” consume more than 75. Billions.
 According to Dong Jinshi, executive vice president and secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, it is not a day or two that the inferior disposable lunch boxes are set up in China. Since 2001, the one-off lunch box with the “green” sign has begun. Flooding. Dong Jinshi’s private environmental protection agency once tested the lunch boxes of two famous hotels in Beijing, “Old Side Dumplings” and “Donglaishun Lamb”. The results were shocking: the restaurants used in the two restaurants are different, but their products are different. Hexane (a chemical solvent with certain toxicity, will enter the human body through the respiratory tract, skin, etc., long-term exposure can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc.) The evaporation residue is 20 times higher than the national standard, while the acetic acid evaporation residue is Over the standard is nearly 150 times. This means that if you use this lunch box to hold foods containing oil and vinegar, people will "eat one third of the lunch boxes."
 Compared to the food directly eaten into the mouth, people do not pay enough attention to the safety of food packaging. Dong Jinshi told the Life Times reporter: "The production standards for food packaging should be comparable to food." But in fact, many manufacturers of disposable lunch boxes are not up to standard in the raw materials, manufacturing processes and production environment. Since the price of qualified disposable lunch boxes is more than 0.15 yuan, in order to reduce the production cost, some non-foamed plastic tableware manufacturers use waste plastics of unknown origin in the production, and add a large amount of industrial grade calcium carbonate, talcum powder, paraffin, etc. Poisonous and hazardous materials, and even products produced by individual certified companies, have such quality problems, leading to serious safety risks to product quality and posing a direct threat to consumer health.
 To identify unqualified disposable lunch boxes, Dong Jinshi recommended a “smoothing”: “Hand touches soft, tears and ruptures, smells pungent and blinks, leaks when it is hot, and cuts down in the water. Shen, a fold will produce a white seal." The easiest way to distinguish is: the lunch box is printed with the "QS" logo. If you tear it, you will see if it will break, or fold it to see if there is any wax print. If it is easy to break or wax print, the quality is not reliable.
Experts remind that if you want to pack leftovers, it is best to use your own tableware; if you use a disposable lunch box, after packing it home, you should immediately pour it into a glass or porcelain container, do not put it directly into the refrigerator, not even use it. The microwave oven is directly heated.

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