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Product Advantages

What’s the material that Huiglass uses?

 As we all know, "glass" has a low heat resistance temperature and is easy to break; however, there are many types of glass. “Heat-resistant glass” is a type of glass that is very steady in temperature shock because it contains silicic acid (SiO2), disilicon trioxide(Si2O3) and boric acid.  
 This "heat-resistant glass" is the material that Huiglass uses to make glass tableware. (*Except for products that  has no need to be exposed to thermal contact).  Heat-resistant glass uses a particular technique to improve the fragility of common glass. Therefore, it can withstand high temperature. Thanks to this character, it is closely linked to our daily lives through a variety of channels. Heat-resistance glass is an extremely popular tableware material which could be seen in the bottom of feeding-bottle, goblet and microwave oven.
 Tableware is very likely to be exposed to high temperature or placed in the refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. Huiglass products could be a perfect option for customers who care a lot about kitchen environment (where temperature changes rapidly and frequently).
 The security of Huiglass products is surely guaranteed. Huiglass products could be applicable under various circumstance include 400°C oven, microwave oven and refrigerator. Huiglass product will not be broken even if you put in high temperature food which is just out of the cookware. Besides, you could clean our products directly with boiling water, dishwasher, dish dryer and Steam sterilizer.   

Huiglass product advantages

 1. Reliable quality, suitable for all ages.
 Heat-resistance glass is less likely to be broken or shattered if not by artificial impact. Currently, the cost of basic material and manufacturing process are very expensive, even so, Huiglass still insists on using better quality of raw material and advanced technique to create a safe kitchen environment that allows everyone to use our products safely.
 2. Convenient to use
 Tempered glass is stronger and thicker than common glass, and heat-resistant glass is at least 10% lighter than tempered glass.Consequently, lighter weight helps to reduce the pressure on housewife’s wrist.
 3. Crystal clear
 The trace of corrosion could often be found on normal glass which is exposed to the air for a long time. In contrast, heat-resistance glass with lower content of sodium oxide could constantly maintain crystal clear.
 4. Available for microwave oven
 Heat-resistance glass which absorbs less electromagnetic wave, compared with tempered glass,  also owns a lower dielectric constant that could prevent the temperature of glassware from being too high and meanwhile perfectly heating the food. That’s why normally the bottom glass inside of microwave oven is made of heat-resistance glass.
 5. Available for Oven
 The heat-resistant glass is made of borosilicate glass which is highly resistant to heat. Therefore, the heat-resistance glass is of a very low coefficient of thermal expansion and makes it be available for oven and other cooking machines. What’s more, the heat-resistance glassware could even be cleaned in dishwasher and boiling water.

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