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 Huiglass product could be used for storage on the basis of shape. Apart from the common shape of square, circle and rectangle, we also offer product set that is designed for picnic, we are dedicated to bring convenience to your life.
 Square crisper: Excellent leakproofness, applicable for the freezer and microwave oven. It can store all kinds of sensoning,fruit,vegetable and leftover food, and effectively reduce peculiar smell in the refrigerator.
 Rectangle crisper: Suitable for the storage of meat. It could be used for the storage of watery food because of the water board. High volume rectangle crisper is also suitable for the storage of fuit, vegetable, seafood and etc.
 Circle crisper: It could be used in the freezer and microwave oven, suitable for the long time storage of all kinds of seasoning, canned fruit, miscellaneous grains, nuts and etc. It also can used to store the beverage, milk, tea and etc during the picnic.

Usage and Maintenance


Used in the microwave oven
-Take off the lid before putting the product into the microwave oven
-Do not cover the lid right after the product being reheating
-Huiglass products could be used in the microwave oven, but only confined to reheating
-Do not use Huiglass products in the conventional oven or put it on the high temperature plate
-Huiglass products are heat resistance glass containers that could be safely used in the microwave oven, but except no-load use and heated by open fire

Used in the refrigerator
-When the products are used for frozen storage, they may break due the expansion of food volume
-Please note the following issues:
-Do not full load the container with watery food or liquid
-Curry, jam and sticky substance could be frozen stored
-Nut,seasoning and meat could also be frozed stored

-Huiglass products should  be cleaned on the top holder in the dishwasher
-Do not use corrosive detergent or cleaning tools
-Do not remove the silicon stip with sharp objects
-Please clean the products with sponge(gauze) and neutral detergent

Generalized Usage
-Please avoid violent collision and scratch by sharp objects
-Due to the air pressure, do not store the food in the container on the plane
-Please use kitchen gloves or oven gloves to take out the container(to avoid ambustion)

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